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mspworkgroup2Your Efforts Matter

Join a work group and support the Morgan Scott Project.  Your work group will build ramps for people in desperate need of safe exits from their home, will help people living in unsafe conditions to remain in their home, and will enable children who are living without running water to not be taken from their families.


$200 per person (Ages 11 and down)
$250 per person (Ages 12 and up)

Please Note

Non-refundable deposit of $50 per person is due at the time of reservation.

Registration forms and balance of payment are due sixty (60) days before scheduled arrival.

A maximum of 18 people per group.

Meals are NOT provided.  You will be responsible for bringing your own groceries and preparing your own meals. (See the “Accommodations at MSP” link below for information about the food preparation facilities.)

Morgan Scott works closely with Home Health, Adult Protective Services, Children’s Protective Services, the Women’s Shelter, and the Homeless Shelter in selecting projects to be performed.  A site leader will be provided for each job who knows how to do the job and who ensures that all materials are on site or available to be picked up. Activities will be provided in the evenings.  Wednesday will be a free day to explore some of the beautiful sites in the area.

It is important to remember that all work groups must be FLEXIBLE and willing to understand that we cannot keep every person busy every minute of the day.  In addition, due to the vagaries of the weather, there may not always be inside jobs available if it rains.  During those times, the group may have to simply relax!  We appreciate your willingness to donate your time and your understanding when complications occur.

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Online Registration

Click the forms below to download, view, and print. Please submit them to us when complete.

Registration Cover Sheet (one per group)

Individual Registration (required for each participant)

Waiver of Liability (required for each participant)

Treatment Waiver (required for each minor)

Letter from the Executive Director

Additional Resources

Accommodations at MSP

What should I bring?

Feedback Survey

Once your work group has completed their service with the Morgan Scott Project, we would like your feedback. Please have each work group member return to our website to take our survey. It would be much appreciated.

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