Ella Smith, Executive Director
Director’s Report August 2015
April 2, 2016
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Director’s Report December 2015

Ella Smith, Executive Director

Director’s Report

December 2015

Ella Smith, Executive Director

Ella Smith, Executive Director

This has been an awesome and unbelievable year at Morgan Scott Project. Thanks to all the work groups, and your generous financial support, we have been able to reach out in Christ name to feed the hungry, repair homes to make them safe and warm, and build wheel chair ramps so the disabled and elderly have freedom to come and go without help. We have brought smiles to children’s faces with new backpacks filled with school supplies to start the school year. We have made it possible for parents to go back to school and learn a trade so that they are qualified for the few jobs that are available. We have helped young folks go to college with the hope that they will have a good start for the future. We have made sure families have water and electricity. We have provided garden seeds, plants, and fertilizer for families to grow some of the food they eat. We are there: listening and offering hope. We have made a difference, but there’s still work to be done.

Some of the things that touched, me and lay heavy on my heart, are the pictures of senior citizens and families lined up for food. These are not sorry good-for-nothings. These are hard working people who have fallen on hard times or senior citizens who do not draw enough Social Security to meet their basic needs.

Each year, at Christmas, some of our families are adopted by families from Knoxville who purchase many gifts and usually Christmas Dinner for a family. It is my job to deliver these gifts. This year I left more homes crying than I did smiling. These families were so happy and excited to receive the food and gifts, but as we visited and listened to their stories my heart broke. Some had no jobs and had already drawn out all of their unemployment, others were disabled and living on $674.00 a month disability.  The young mother who asked for foot powder and long johns for her husband who worked for low wages in the sawmill. She had asked for detergent and body wash for herself. The little girl with a beaming face who just wanted presents for Christmas. But who will pay their utility bills this winter and make sure they have warm clothing and food? I need your help to show God’s love to these families!

These were the times when through my tears I offered up a prayer of thanksgiving to God for my parents and that God had given me the genes to make good choices and blessed me along the way.

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